December 9, 2021 - Meeting on Hearing Aids

Hand Out compiled by Randi Hulce:
Follow Up Information For Futures Club Meeting of 12/8/21
Topic & Discussion on OTC Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss Issues.

If you wish to reach any of our Panel Members:
Dan Auble <> Kenwood Hearing Center - Doctor of Audiology who has been serving patients in Sonoma & Marin Counties for 23 years.
Margaret Wallhagen, (Meg)     Professor in the School of Nursing UCSF with a specialty in geriatrics and a long standing focus on the impact of hearing loss on older adults.
Christina Kemmer mailto:christinakemmer@gmail.com35 years of experience in community building, planning community outreach, envisioning opportunities here in Oakmont

Additional Resources And Articles You May Find Helpful:
SRJC Santa Rosa Junior College - DRD705 -  Coping Strategies for Hearing Loss .  This course provides education & support for individuals with hearing loss. The course focuses on topics such as: hearing technology, cochlear implants and hearing aids, community resources, and overcoming communication challenges.   Non-Credit course -  Meets on Zoom  2/9, 3/9, 4/13 & 5/11       6-8PMContact Rhandee Lipp for information at

Will Medicare Be Paying For Hearing Aids?Medicare has never covered the cost of hearing aids-an omission that has long presented a barrier to older people who would gain from access to these life-altering devices. Nothing on the hearing aid side has been covered since the inception of Medicare in 1965.  But that could soon change.
FDA Proposal Has Apple Set To Offer Airpods As Hearing AidsWhen you think of Apple, you probably don't think of hearing aids, but thanks to one of the latest FDA (Food and Drug Administration) proposals, that could change in the coming year. The Wall Street Journal has already reported that Apple is considering getting into the hearing aid business
New FDA Guidelines May Upend The Hearing Aid Market  In The U.S., Dropping Cost As Much As 90%.For those with mild to moderate hearing loss, the proposed FDA rule <>, published October 20, allows hearing aids to be sold directly to consumers without an exam or fitting by an audiologist.
Ideas for Buying Hearing AidsIf you're shopping for hearing aids, some things to consider.  Four Ways To Spot and Avoid Hearing Aid Scams A Checklist before you buy.
"Big News about Hearing Aids"  - Consumer Reports Magazine - December 2021 Issue - page 48. An article on expert advice on what's available now and what to expect when over-the-counter hearing aids debut - possibly as soon as 2022.   

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